Diet for Weight Loss - Is it All in Your Head?


When you think about the process of going on a diet for weight loss, you must consider the possibility that the majority of the battle is going to be waged in your head. You may or may not have considered this before. You get in such a hurry to lose weight quickly that you forget it needs to be a plan for the long-term.

Think of the scenario of having a roll or not with dinner. Should I have that roll? Should I have butter on it? But is that healthy? What about margarine? And if I eat it have I ruined my diet for the day and should I just forget about it all today and start again tomorrow? Oh heck, I've eaten two rolls with butter now, I may as well forget all about the diet for today and just have a piece of triple fudge cake!

Sound familiar? Most of us who have tried to lose weight have gone through this same type of scenario at one time or another, haven't we? I know I have. I do very good for a while and then, whammo, I make a mistake and eat too much of one thing or some type of food that is not on my list of diet foods I'm allowed, and I immediately ditch all efforts at losing weight for the day. Or I even forget about my diet for weight loss altogether.

Basically what you have to do is understand it's not all about any particular "diet" per se but more about changing your eating habits. Once you change your attitude and realize it's not "all or nothing" and not a sprint but more a marathon you will be successful.

What does this mean? Simply that it's not about whether you make a slight mistake in your eating every now and then. Just to be sure that the mistakes are the exception and not the rule. Obviously, in changing your eating habits, there will be times you simply have to have a piece of pie or that half box of Girl Scout Thin Mints. Yep, you know you love them! But the issue is whether you let that cause you to give up your healthy eating habits altogether or just see it as a little glitch over the long haul.


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